Friday, October 15, 2010

Think About This

Two thoughts from my online writing lessons. Think about it...

“Christians must begin to find their way back to poetry, and to let poetry
play its proper role in the formation of their souls and the elaboration of
their worldviews… We can hope that Christians will begin to discover the
power and promise of poetry; that Christian poets will write more as they
find their audience growing, and that some of them will begin to take aim
at the false worldviews of a society blind to the truth of God. If Christians
can once again take poetry seriously, and if Christian poets can get a vision
of how their work can help in the conflict of worldviews, these might be
just the kind of conditions that can energize a Christian poetry of
subversion in the next generation or two.…” -- T. M. Moore, from an
article published on the blog, BreakPoint

“Women, we must stop making apologies for God’s creation
order. We should give no quarter to ideas that will slay the
happiness of our daughters and emasculate our sons. Let us
speak the truth in love: It is wonderful to be a woman. It is
glorious to be feminine. It is a privilege to do what no man can
do: bring new life into this world. It is a joy and an honor to
follow a godly man as his helpmeet, as together we serve the
- Mrs. Beall Phillips, Verses of Virtue, p. 93

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