Thursday, November 4, 2010

You should meet... nephew, Wyatt.
"It's not easy being almost two. They make you share with your sisters, eat veggies, and... take naps!!!" ~ Wyatt (If he could say it.)

Wyatt is the all boy, little boy that is the pride of his daddy's eye and the soft spot in his mommy's heart. Most of the time you don't know what he's thinking, but that's ok... just as long as you've got your eye on him :)

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  1. He is the cutest little naughty fart you have ever met! He is definitely going through a stage right now of realizing he can say no to mommy - ohhhh the two's coming early! But he will usually come around and do what you ask eventually :) And he is very good at organizing his room and cleaning it up! He is actually very funny... if we try to help him clean his room, he goes in there and rearranges the room the way he likes it!


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