Sunday, December 26, 2010

Beautiful, Wonderful Christmas

Yankees can keep their White Christmases for this year -- we had our very own! These are what Mom and I did when it snowed! This is the first snow we've seen on Christmas day in 100 years. It was truly magical.

Poor Nate didn't get to go out. He was sick on Christmas day... oh, poo!


  1. Looks like fun:D Hope y'all had a wonderfully blessed Christmas! Let's get together soon PLEASE!!!

    God bless!

  2. Yes!!! How about tea over here soon? Nate's got the flu so he needs to get better before you come over. Talk with you soon!

  3. I was especially glad to be home with my folks on Christmas day, and I more than got my wish for a white Christmas since our part of Decatur got 3 inches of snow.

    Hope your brother is feeling better by New Year's!


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