Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A very long day =

Today was long, but I think we (Mom, Nate, and I) got a lot accomplished... maybe. Sometimes you become so tired you don't really know what you did, and in the end, you don't really care. That is until you wake up the next morning and realize you don't have to think about what you have already done. Anyways, at the end of today, I couldn't even think about what I wanted to eat... (usually Mom and I make dinner, but you know how it goes when it's been a long day.) So after not even wanting to heat a can of chili, I ended up with yogurt and granola.

Believe me when I say it was not so glamorous as the picture above... it would have been easier to just heat up the chili if I had made it look like that! Haha!

I hope you are having long, productive days along with the peaceful, lazy ones too :)

Sleep sweet!

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