Monday, January 10, 2011

It Is Magical

And so the snow came... well, it was more like ice, but it was white!! It made for great photos and plenty of laughs!! All roads in the state are closed and the festivities continue tomorrow.

I've never sledded before, so today was pretty epic for me. I may or may not have taken out our fire pit. :} Don't worry, it's easily fixable.

On a sad note, Blacky (my "queen" dog) seems to have taken a bad fall last night on the ice. We'll take her to the vet tomorrow for she seems to have done something to her hip. Poor little dear! She is NOT feeling well at all! Say a little doggy prayer for Blacky!

Happy Winter, Everyone!!


  1. LOVE the pictures! It was so beautiful. I wish we had gotten snow instead though :)
    oh! Praying Blacky will be alright!

  2. i LOVE your pictures! you are stunning.
    and i am saying some prayers for blacky! i hope she feels better soon.

    oh, and i hope you check out my very first GIVEAWAY!
    your newest follower


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