Monday, January 24, 2011

You should meet... other dog Bandit.

"I'm in love with my family! They feed me, pet me, let me help them pick up sticks (even though I never bring them back to them, for they always throw them away!) and I even get to tear up a scarecrow every time the leaves start to fall! It's a good life compared to before I met them. Now I'll never leave them!" -- (Bandit, if he could say it.)

This poor, unfortunate soul came to our house three years ago and somehow he never left. As my father said, "He stole our reluctant hearts," so we just had to name him Bandit.

He's a funny little fellow! He enjoys sleeping on his back, he plays hide-and-go-seek, and he is always trying to live up to Blacky's standards, but he is the most love'n-on-you dog you'll ever meet!

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  1. ahh so cute. I want a dog so so bad but unfortunately I can't convince the renters of my apartment. Curse them!
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