Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Goblins, Princesses, and Wizards! Oh My!

Once upon a time, in a happy school where all children could be creative and serve their creator, there was a teacher. This teacher was fond of the children and they had many a merry time together, but the teacher forgot all about the ball that the Ladies of the land were hosting to reward the good children. No matter if you be an elf, goblin, knight, or maiden, you were invited, but the teacher had nothing to wear! So she traveled to the great castle of Hobby of Lobby to fetch fabric. To her great surprise, a good fairy showed her golden fabric to create a most pleasing gown!

She worked with her hands day and night to finish her dress and she did! So she danced and was merry with those lovely children! And this is a faithful narrative of what transpired... well almost ;)


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