Sunday, April 17, 2011


(A sweet southern voice.)

Hello Yall!

Welcome to the Heart of Dixie! We have great food, good music, lovely style, and plenty of interesting weather! Don't mind those sirens going off, warning us of the half-mile-wide tornado, touch'n down across the street... we have them sirens going off every day. Just remember if you hear a train and you're not near a railroad, you are probably in a tornado... Now don't get all scared! Just be calm and go find a ditch to lay down in. It'll pass... (we hope).

Well, we hope you'll stay and have some fried chicken! We'll see yall real soon!



  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA! The hazards of living in Alabama.

  2. hahah. love it! We certainly have plenty of interesting weather :P


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