Friday, April 8, 2011


Congratulations to Rebecca, for winning Thrifty 15!!! Here is her outfit!

"The blouse was made by my dear sister and given to me by her, so it was free.
The jean 50's inspired skirt was $10 including the $2.00 pattern and fabric.
The brown belt was $1.00 from the thrift store.
The vintage peep toe sandals were 75 cents from the thrift store." ~ Rebecca

She did a great job of being creative, fashionable, and just all over lovely!!!

Thanks to everyone who participated in Thrifty 15! Check back for more Challenges! Maybe you'll become a Thrifter, too ;)


  1. haha! I never thought I would win! what a great birthday surprise! :) I forgot to send you my second outfit. Do you still want me to send it? I will not be able to send it till this weekend probably. Maybe your readers would still be interested? thank you for this great opportunity to share my love for thrifting and feminine styles!

    In Christ,

  2. Please send me your mailing address for your prize! You can send it to my email. Congrats!!!!


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