Sunday, June 19, 2011

Papa, Daddy, Father

Call him what you please, but mine is the best!

In my eyes, my daddy is the second best man who ever walked the earth. (Jesus comes first, of course! And C.S. Lewis is third for now--until a future husband fits in somewhere!) I’ve been my daddy’s “pumpkin” since Day One. Though you should never get into an argument with him, he is particularly fun to engage in a battle of the wits. I’m very much like my daddy. We are both laid back with a touch of perfectionism in our vocations. We both laugh at our own jokes (even if no one else does!), and our mutual dream is to refurbish an old car.

Give three cheers to your Dad!

Now your daddy might not have won a prize for the best dad of the year. I understand that fathers aren’t perfect, but let’s not forget we are not perfect, either. God has put your daddy in your life for a special reason. Learning from him is not only beneficial, but is commanded in scripture. The Lord reveals wisdom through your father, however insufficient you think he may be at times. As a polished cornerstone (Psalm 144:12), you can receive the blessings of an honoring spirit. Just as we are born with the capability to sin, so are our dads. Search the scriptures to know how you should love him!

Maybe you have grown up in a strong Christian home with a loving dad, or maybe your dad has not been a major influence in your life. We must put trust in our Heavenly Father that all things are working for our good.

“And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.”
Romans 8:28

Think about this: maybe your choice to honor, love, and respect your daddy can be an encouragement to him—-giving him the boost to become more honorable. The Lord might be calling you to be the “big girl”!

Big Girl steps can be scary! Try this one. This week find something that makes your dad smile! It might be his favorite dessert or even a big hug from you! Make him smile and choose to honor him!

Happy Daddies Day!!!

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