Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Humble Happy Home

One of my favorite things is when newly married wives put up photos of their newly decorated homes. Usually the decorating is VERY humble and the walls are white, with mismatched furniture. Though photos on websites, such as The Nest, show picture perfect rooms, the badly decorated homes of the real new brides are far more priceless! They take pride in their small homes and love it because they love who they now share that home with!

So sweet :)


  1. Yet they love their home because it belongs to them! Beautiful.

  2. I totally agree! So fun to peep into their new homes. =) And yes! I have been to Gettysburg, probably 5 years ago. Unfortunately though, it was before I was reenacting and so not being very interested (other than knowing that my dad and brothers back home had just started reenacting), I missed most of the grandiose historical importance of the place! So sad to me now. Our family talks about making the overland trek out for the 150th, but we'll see...I'd sure love to go, though!

  3. Just remember the 4th weekend every year is the BIG reenactment in Gettysburg... REALLY BIG!!!!!!


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