Saturday, October 8, 2011

Ding ding ding...

...Excuse me, Everyone. I have an announcement to make!

It is called October Baby! 
This is the movie my brother had the blessing to help with last summer. It is releasing in Alabama and Mississippi Oct. 28th. So if you live in these states, GO SEE IT! You will love it! It will push Christian films to the next level, challenging our culture to take a hard look at how beautiful life really is! Abortion changes not only the lives of the child and mother, but has a far-reaching effect on many lives.

P.S. My mother and I are extras in this trailer. Can you find us? ;)

Here is the website --


  1. I'll definitely tell my family about this. Hopefully we can make it on opening night!

  2. Hannah, my family is going to try to have an evening at the theater along with coffee after the movie opening night! I'll let you know via FB.

  3. Ok, so here's my guess. Ya'll are sitting in the balcony, behind the boyfriend when he jumps up after she passes out on stage?

    I would love to see it, but we won't be in Alabama when it releases, and it doesn't look like it's showing in Florida. :(

  4. We have a winner ;) Haha! So funny we were in this.

    Don't worry, I hear it will be opening nation wide hopefully in the spring. :)


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