Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Ironic Day

In a culture that hates children and runs from motherhood, we find ourselves on this ironic day. We buy cards and flowers to fill our quota for the year and then move on to our women's lib rallies and leave behind the very people who make Mother's Day a reality -- children. 

As said in church this morning, mothering is a verb, so whether you have children or you take care of those who are motherless, you are doing an action, and that is what motherhood is! I am blessed with the grandest mother (no, but really) and we celebrate her role!! So cards and flowers are nice, but make it every day. Let's celebrate motherhood, encourage the bearing of new life, and open our hearts to mother those who are motherless.

Happy Mother's Day!

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  1. Wow, Abby, that's a great thought. I've noticed how stores/businesses love Mother's Day for sale reasons, and that a lot of people do show up with their bouquet of roses on that one day and let that be all they do for their mom. But, I had not quite gone to the extent that you did in your thinking. Yeah, why do we celebrate motherhood on one hand, and kill the unborn children of other women (who Became/ARE mothers) on the other hand?

    Thanks for sharing! I'd love to hear how you are! Tell your Mom hey for me.

    ~Jeri Beth


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