Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Belated Valentine Wish

At Christmas I wish for snow.
On Easter I wish for a new dress to wear on that extra special Sunday.
For Valentine's Day I wish for everyone to find Love... (Yes, you may laugh. I'm a hopeful romantic ;)

This Love that I wish, hope, and pray for I have already found, or rather this Love found me. This Love can't be found in people or even in yourself. You must be in this Love before you can love. And the lovely thing about it is this Love loved you first even while you were unlovable. This Love waits, prays, and seeks you!

To answer to your Lover's voice, all you have to say is I do!

e-mail me to find out more of your not-so-secret admirer ;)

P.S. Roses are overrated... give me ranunculus!

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