Saturday, February 19, 2011


Oh, my! I've left the blogging scene lately! This has not been intentional -- I have NOT been at home! Life has been so crazy, but wonderful! Let's see if I can tell you in a nutshell...

Seven art classes.
Had to call the plumber.
Car died.
Pushed car.
Car lives.
Went thrifting.
Worked in church kitchen.
Had lunch with friends.
Had dinner with friends.
Went bowling.
Celebrated a birthday.
Climbed up and down a mountain with filming equipment, and in city clothes. (I don't recommend this.)
Put dirt on a friend. (He's a real sport.)
Put 3 young men under a cold waterfall.
Went thrifting again!
Let my grandmother drive...almost died.
Spent the day with my grandmother.
Bought a rug.

And now I still don't know when I'm going to slow down! I really just want to do some laundry ;}

Happy Crazy Life!

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