Sunday, April 24, 2011

To follow...

To follow Christ, all it will cost you is your life. But whoever loses his life shall save it, but whoever holds on to his life shall lose it.

I'm sure you know today is Easter and that Easter is a Christian holiday, but what you may not know is that as Christ lives, His heart longs for you! Long for Him and love Him for He will hold your heart and never let it break! You will never be good enough for perfect love, but He is good enough for you! Email me if you would like to know more! I'll be happy to share of His goodness.

Happy Resurrection Sunday!

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  1. Hi,Abby! I love it when I stumble on a blog where you can totally see that the person is REALLY serious about God,and dedicating not just to living "godly standards," but to practicing the presence of the Lord in their lives, really wanting to KNOW Him personally. I love your blog style - simple, but catchy - and you'll probably see me hanging around in the future, if I may. =) So glad to have "met" you and your blog! Grace and peace, Kellie (


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